Medical emergency ambulance
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Medical emergency ambulance

This is a medical emergency ambulance. In addition to transporting patients or injured persons to and from the place of treatment of diseases or injuries, it can also provide out of hospital medical services for patients and provide emergency care for people with acute medical problems. We can also customize vehicles according to customer requirements to meet customer practical needs!

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Product Description

Medical emergency ambulance presentation

Lamps and electrical appliances: one set of special-shaped explosive flashover is installed on the front roof of the vehicle (as shown in the figure); A total of 4 flash lamps are installed on the left and right vehicle bodies; Two long strip flash lamps are installed at the rear door; Four 220V built-in lamps are installed above the top of the vehicle; One 24W ultraviolet disinfection lamp is installed in the vehicle; Install 4 5-eye power sockets; 1 set of electric ventilator; 1 set of 1000W inverter; 1 external power socket;

Configuration of rescue cabin: a middle partition with aluminum alloy sliding window is installed behind the driver's seat; One combined cabinet is installed on the left side behind the middle diaphragm, and two sets of 10 liter oxygen cylinders and fixing devices are installed; 1 set of wall type oxygen inhaler and 1 set of ventilator interface; One doctor's seat is installed behind the partition; One bench seat is installed on the right side of the cabin, plus one seat in front (optional seat); Two infusion supports are installed on the cabin roof; The floor inside the vehicle is covered with medical floor leather; 1 fire extinguisher; Install rear air conditioning system and rear heating system; 1 set of automatic boarding stretcher and 1 set of folding stretcher.

Product parameters

Curb weight (kg) 2540
Axle  loading(kg) 1560/1935
Overall   dimension(mm) 5380*2032*2460
Medical treatment cabin dimension(mm) 2600*1730*1750
Approach/departure   angle(”) 20/25
Max  speed  (km/h) 156
Front/Rear    overhang(mm) 1014/1027
Color According to customer' s request
Chassis Parameters
Chassis  name Ford,JMCjinbei,other  famous brand
Number of axles 2
Wheel    base(mm) 3300
Cabin  seats 6passengers
Gear  box 6speed,5forward  1rear
Number  of  wheels 2
Tire specification 215/75R16LT
Front Track  (mm) 1736
Rear Track  (mm) 1720
Engine Parameters
Engine   model DURATORQ4D205L
Engine  type 2.0T, four-cylinder, supercharged intercooled, high pressure common rail
Drive type 4*2,Left hand drive
Emission  standard Euro  5
Displacement  (ml) 1998ml/121kw
Power  horse(hp) 165
Fuel  Type Diesel
Configurations Instruction
Warning   system Warning light,alarm and flash lights
Power   system 1000W positive wave inverter system
Integrated circuit integrated control protection system
Ac circuit protection system
Integrated switch control panel for medical module
GB 220V power port,Disinfecting lamp,Ventilator,Intercom
Oxygen pathway  and  oxygen Two 10-liter medical oxygen bottles with shock absorbing clamp,concealed oxygen piping system,two oxygen ports,one humidifier
Medical  cabin Polymer hard top:polymer material partition wall;long hanging cabinet and medical equipment and storage cabinet;Vertical oxygen
tank cabinet;full set of blue anti-collision soft cover walls
Seats 1PCS Reverse soft roll seat,1PCS Independent seat with backrest,1PCS long soft roll seat for 2 person
Emergency  auxiliary Stretcher pad and guide plate,1pcs slideable infusion rack,fire extinguisher
Appearances Black solar membrane on left side, translucent frosting film on right and rear side

Product features and applications

The vehicle is designed with beautiful appearance and smooth lines. The cab is safe and comfortable, the vehicle has good handling performance and good vibration damping performance. The medical cabin has spacious space, reasonable and smooth layout, which ensures the safety and comfort of patients, and also takes into account the convenience of medical personnel. The interior of the car is an integral compartment structure, and the compartment is divided into cab and medical cabin by partition wall. The partition wall runs through the whole body horizontally. The upper part of the partition wall is equipped with visual observation window, and the front and rear compartments are equipped with intercom system. Except for the side sliding door and tail door, the windows of the medical cabin are transparent glass (the glass window is pasted with black diamond solar film), the other windows are fully closed. The cab and medical cabin adopt cold and warm air conditioning system, and the medical cabin is equipped with heater. Slender vertical tail lights are arranged on both sides of the rear of the vehicle to improve the visual effect and ensure a wide tailgate opening at the same time. The tailgate adopts the split design, which can facilitate the medical staff to go up and down the patients in need of rescue, take into account the convenience of medical staff operation, save time and labor, so as to improve the work efficiency of medical staff.

Product details

Company size

Delivery of shipments and services


Q1 How to place an order?
1) Contact customer service to confirm the freight and product model, configuration, quantity and other details (you can also arrange your own freight forwarder);
2) We provide you with a proforma invoice containing all product details in accordance with your final decision;
3) You need to arrange 30% payment to our bank account, then we will prepare the product to start production (the cycle is generally about 10 days, can be specially configured for your order quantity delivery);
4) After the product is completed, we will pay the remaining payment and arrange delivery by our forwarder (or we can provide relevant information and arrange forwarder transportation by ourselves).
5) Upon completion of this process, customer service will track the location of the product and notify you of its imminent arrival and arrival so that you can quickly prepare for customs clearance and other related issues.

Q2 What does your FOB reference price include?
A: FOB includes costs only. If you do not have your own freight forwarder, please provide us with the port country/region near you and we will quote cif including freight.

Q3 What is your warranty service?
A: We offer a one-year warranty for the motors, batteries and controllers.

Q4 Why can't I use Courier service and order by myself?
A: Packaged, the product is bulky and contains a large number of batteries. It can be transported by rail but the cost is too high (the appearance of the product may wear out).

Q5 What if I still insist on home delivery?
A: Please provide your address and then we can check the details and arrange.

Q6 What is your production/delivery time for ?
A: The production/delivery time will be controlled within 30 days (generally 10 days can be shipped, simple configuration is 2-3 days).

Q7 Do you test everything before shipping?
A: Yes, we have passed 100% testing before shipment (basic equipment testing also includes roads, hill climbing, rain, water crossing roads, etc.).

Q8 Do you support sample shipment?
A: Yes, we support shipping samples to the port.

Q9 how to guarantee my order after placing order?
A: We will track your order and provide production videos throughout the process. After delivery, the location of the item will also be tracked and provided to you until you receive the item. There will also be a dedicated customer service to receive your follow-up feedback.

Q10 Can you produce Q10 according to the sample?
A: Yes, we can produce according to your samples or technical drawings. We can build molds and fixtures.

Q11 What are your payment terms?
Answer: 30% as deposit, and pay 70% balance before delivery. We will show you photos and videos of the products and packaging before

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