Small electric law enforcement patrol car, welcome to customize


The mini model is compact, simple and generous. Driven by battery, it has no noise and pollution, and it is convenient and fast to drive.

The space on the car is very spacious, the front window has a wide view, and the driving is convenient, simple, bright and comfortable. There are two kinds of seats: leather seats and bus seats. Leather seats are very comfortable to ride, and you can also replace bus seats for free. The outdoor service life of bus seats is long.

Charging is convenient, and you can replenish power anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the battery of its own equipment has long service life, durability, full power to start, and is very stable.

This patrol and law enforcement vehicle can also be driven in two ways: an electric patrol vehicle driven by battery and a fuel patrol vehicle driven by gasoline. The fuel patrol vehicle is mainly suitable for sloping fields. Its engine power is large and its climbing performance is strong. In addition, it does not need to consider the problem of endurance. As long as it is filled with enough gasoline, it will not affect the endurance. It can be customized by choice.

The car is suitable for patrol and inspection in major tourist attractions, theme parks, city squares, University City campuses, airports, railway stations and other crowded areas.