The latest high cover pickup truck is the first choice for household trucks!


This is a truck electric pickup truck, which can be used as a daily passenger transport and cargo transport vehicle.

4.2x1.6x1.75(cm)Oversized. It can be customized according to demand. It can be used for both oil and electricity. The powerful power motor can travel and pull goods. It is equipped with LED headlights and reversing images as standard. Vacuum tires can adapt to various terrain and road conditions.

Double row four seat pickup truck can carry people and goods, and the fully enclosed design of the rear bucket ensures the safety of goods.

In addition to environmental protection and energy conservation, this heavy-duty electric pickup truck is equipped with a 3500 watt motor and a 72V battery to maximize the climbing and loading functions of the vehicle, with a range of about 100 kilometers.

Double row seats and covered bodies provide good seating and storage space. It is suitable for family transportation or simple goods transportation vehicles.