The electric classic car made in China can be customized with oil electric hybrid


This is a classic retro electric sightseeing classic car, 8-12 seats. It adopts unique and elegant modeling design, continues the traditional process, leads the noble temperament, and lets you experience different enjoyment.

As a VIP reception car for large-scale real estate and a supreme experience car for high-end hotel customers, the electric classic car system is deeply loved by people in large-scale real estate and tourist attractions in China.

This electric classic car not only has a beautiful classic appearance, but also its overall performance is excellent. It is a perfect combination of classical and modern, nostalgic and trendy.

The electric classic car is completely battery driven, no noise, no pollution, and it is convenient and fast to drive. The space on the car is very spacious, the front window has a wide view, and the leather seats are very comfortable. Sitting on them, you can not only enjoy the charming scenery around, but also drive conveniently, simply, bright and comfortable.

Charging is convenient, and you can replenish power anytime, anywhere. And the battery of its own equipment has long service life, durability, full power to start, and is very stable.

This electric sightseeing classic car has the advantages of low noise, driven by batteries, energy conservation, environmental protection, zero emissions, and a wide range of applications. It is suitable for real estate, scenic spots, parks and amusement parks. The price of electric classic cars is not expensive. At the same time, because of its distinctive appearance, it can attract the attention of tourists, and thus become a photo and ride object that tourists compete to choose.