30 Mini low-speed electric vehicles most suitable for girls to drive


The low-speed electric scooter we produce takes the battery as the power source and is used for household scooters and elderly scooters. It is simple to operate, slow, safe and stable.

So, many young people and girls said, is there an electric car with a cute design? Of course there is.

These closed electric four-wheel vehicles, two door four seat Mini models, have simple steering operation, good stability, many uses and low price. It's very suitable for girls to take a scooter everyday.

Equipped with LED headlights and reversing images as standard, vacuum tires can adapt to various terrain and road conditions.

Multiple colors can be selected, which is suitable for girls' expectations.

The electric powered four-wheel scooter is not only environmentally friendly and energy-saving, but also the enclosed body can protect you from the wind and rain.

You can customize the steering wheel or handle steering, which is simple to operate. The one-time charging can drive smoothly for about 80-150 kilometers.

Whether used by girls or families, mini models are very popular. Pick up and drop off children, travel for the elderly, daily travel, commuting and other purposes.