Fully enclosed low speed electric vehicle, the maximum endurance of 150 km


The first Raptor

Comfortable to ride with SUV, dual-purpose oil and electricity (customizable), 3500 W motor has strong power, adopts double drive differential rotation, and cooperates with the electric control system of the whole vehicle. It has large power torque, sufficient power, strong climbing capacity, environmental protection and power saving. The front face adopts high-end piano baking paint, and is equipped with three-dimensional LED light groups on both sides, which looks very fashionable.

The whole vehicle is made of automobile grade stamping, welding and assembly, and the metal body is more safe and durable. The layout of four doors and five seats is adopted, and the interior is equipped with automobile grade interior trim. The riding experience is very good. The built-in air conditioner keeps the whole vehicle within 26 ℃. In terms of endurance, the car is equipped with a 60v100ah battery, with a endurance of about 150 kilometers.

Section 2 four sides of red flag

The fully enclosed electric vehicle has simple structure, few running and transmission parts, and small maintenance workload. With AC induction motor, the motor does not need maintenance. More importantly, the fully enclosed electric vehicle is easy to operate, more energy-saving and environmental protection.

The car is equipped with 4000W energy-saving motor and 60v120ah lithium battery, with a range of 150 kilometers. The car is equipped with a standard air conditioner. When the air conditioner is turned on, the mileage is about 100-120 kilometers.

Third, KUKA two doors

The appearance of KUKA is small and smart. The front big mouth design, equipped with three-dimensional annular daytime running lights on both sides, is outstanding in atmosphere. The integrated design makes the whole vehicle fit perfectly. The four-wheel disc brake and independent suspension, and the high-strength sheet metal make the safety of the whole vehicle better.

The car is a two door, four seat model, equipped with a 2500W high-performance energy accumulation motor, which has a strong and more stable power. It is equipped with a 72v50ah lead-acid battery, with a endurance of about 80 kilometers. Optional air conditioning is available.

These three low-speed four-wheel electric vehicles are classic models in our factory. Considering the actual use of users, some are equipped with air conditioners as standard, which will be more expensive. Some are reserved installed interfaces and voltage controllers, which are convenient for users to install later to improve the comfort of the vehicle. There are more different models, please pay attention to our official website of reliable electric vehicles.