Two sessions again mention "carbon reduction", new energy urban logistics who will lead?


In 2022, the annual sales volume of new energy vehicles was 3.52 million, a "blowout" growth of 1.6 times. This year, the "government work report" also mentioned to continue to support the consumption of new energy vehicles. Compared with the soaring oil price, the upcoming new round of subsidy policy makes more wait-and-see firm determination to buy. It is imperative to choose new energy vehicles, which not only contributes to the achievement of the city's "dual carbon" goal, but also can effectively slow down the cost expenditure of individuals and enterprises. It can be said that all win at one stroke.

Especially in the field of urban logistics, in recent years, reliable brands continue to make efforts to promote the rapid increase in the proportion of pure electricity and light passengers, bringing great help to the city's "carbon reduction" and the user's "cost reduction". Therefore, take pure electricity light customer as an example to simply calculate a carbon reduction account, through the data conversion, I believe you will have a clearer understanding of the above conclusion.

According to the conventional calculation method, the carbon emission of a car (kg)= fuel consumption (l) x 2.7 kg/l. If the fuel consumption of a light passenger car is 8L per 100 km, the annual carbon emission will reach 10,800 kg according to the calculation of the annual operation course of 50,000 km. With 18kg of carbon sequestration per tree per year, choosing pure electricity is equivalent to planting 600 more trees a year.

At the same time, the three power technology upgrades continue to help the vehicle energy consumption again reduced. Focused light field for the past 23 years, KAOPU EV always take the customer as the center, from more than 40 kinds of subdivision scene depth research, ningde era, hand in hand to develop motor industry leading enterprises to jointly develop, the core of its new energy products carry SanDian system safe and reliable, less energy consumption and low maintenance cost, compared with traditional fuel cars can save nearly $30000 a year, 5 years of use can save 150,000 yuan.