Different old people's scooters, fashionable, cute and highly functional low-speed electric vehicles


This low-speed electric vehicle produced by our factory has a very fashionable and beautiful appearance, which makes it absolutely impossible to connect it with the elderly scooter. If you drive this car out, it will definitely attract envious eyes.

Although it is a scooter for the elderly, of course, the more beautiful the better. The design of this car is very fashionable and beautiful, and as a low-speed electric vehicle, it is also safer, especially suitable for daily family use.

This car is equipped with a 3500w motor as the standard, with a speed of about 50km/h, which can meet the daily travel demand without any pressure. Because it is a car with a fully enclosed design, there is no problem in sheltering from the wind and rain. Besides, it provides electric heating, and it will not be cold in winter. It is very convenient for the elderly to walk, for family daily driving, and for picking up children to buy vegetables.

The oval headlights and Zhongwang Starry Sky are very beautiful. The super large taillights echo the headlights and have a high degree of recognition. The aluminum alloy wheels are equipped with vacuum explosion-proof wear-resistant tires. The safety is also guaranteed enough to let you travel at ease.

The size of the whole vehicle is 3000 * 1500 * 1610mm, which is almost the same as that of a conventional car. It adopts the design of five doors and four seats, and has a very good driving space. You can lie down and rest when you put down the front seats.

In terms of interior decoration, a simple design is adopted. The large font digital dashboard and the large central control screen can provide high-definition reversing images and support locomotive interconnection. The overall feeling is very good.

The thickened soft seat allows you to drive for a long time without being too tired. When you put it down, it can be used as a lounge chair to lie down in the car.

Because it is designed for short distance transportation, mainly for the daily transportation of the elderly, the battery has a pure electric endurance of about 70km, which is enough to meet daily needs. If you are not satisfied, you can also add a range extender to solve the problem of endurance anxiety.