How to charge the electric sanitation vehicle?


The power of the electric sanitation vehicle comes from the battery, so the battery is highly regulated, and the charging of electric energy has always been a problem we attach great importance to. The choice of charging head is particularly important. The manufacturer of the electric sanitation car tells you that there is a way to choose a charging head.

When purchasing electric sanitation vehicles, focus on the charging head and intelligent charging head Index should be considered. At present, many charging heads usually have intelligent charging scheme design. After the battery is fully charged, the power supply will automatically turn off, making the battery not easy to overcharge, endangering the battery state, and the index will also be greatly improved. When selecting the charging head, it also depends on whether it is stable and efficient, and whether the battery maintenance characteristics are good enough.

The battery has a charging head and cannot be mixed with the charging head at will. It shall be selected according to the basic parameters of the charging head configured for the electric health vehicle. When disassembling and replacing, it is better to choose the same brand and manufacturer.

The charging head is as important as the charging line for sanitation vehicles. After leaving the charging line, the mobile phone will become useless in a short time. To know what causes the abnormality of the electric sanitation vehicle charging head, we can distinguish it according to "hearing". In other words, first look at the appearance of the charging head; What you want to hear is to lift the charging head, shake it left and right in front of and behind your ears, and listen to the sound below; Smell is to smell something. According to these two steps, the common faults of the charging head are basically analyzed.

If the electric sanitation vehicle is charged for too long, it will lead to a fire accident, which is a very dangerous thing. Especially when the electric sanitation vehicle is charged at night, no one is afraid to imagine the damage caused by the situation that no one finds. The following is our general knowledge of electric sanitation vehicle charging, and we hope it will be helpful to you.

1. The new battery charging head shall be charged for 10 hours at a time, and shall be charged frequently. Generally, it is better to charge the battery when it consumes 60% - 70%.
2. Even if it is used less, it will not consume 70% of 62-70% in seven days, and there will be a charge.
3. If it is not needed for a long time, the electric vehicle will not be charged regularly.
4. The charging time does not need to be too long. After filling, it can be increased by tens of minutes, but it does not need to be too long. Now, the batteries of ordinary battery cars often have the function of fully automatic power off.

Pay attention to this when charging electric sanitation vehicles. Not only should they be charged immediately, the charging time should be strictly controlled, but also they should be charged and discharged in a timely manner.