Low speed electric vehicle is the best travel tool for the elderly


At present, the best transportation tool for the elderly is low-speed electric vehicles. More and more low-speed electric vehicle manufacturers are improving the practical use of their products to ensure the safe travel of the elderly. We are also moving towards the direction of high performance and cost-effective products, and are in a leading position in vehicle manufacturing technology, product performance and appearance design.

This is a small multi-function electric passenger vehicle with the overall size of 2900x1550x1600 (mm). It is a two door four seat layout design and meets the national draft standard of low-speed electric vehicles. It is not only suitable for the elderly to travel by foot, but also can meet the travel needs of two child families as a family car. It is very practical.

The appearance design of the whole vehicle is simple and generous. The aesthetic is online. It is equipped with a three panel steering wheel as standard. The central control screen is of built-in design. The added wood grain trim panel suddenly makes the atmosphere inside the car fashionable and high-end.

For family cars, practicality is the key factor to consider whether a car is worth buying. This car has a 7-inch central control large screen, Bluetooth mobile phone interconnection, electric windows, reversing image and other practical configurations.

In terms of power and endurance, 3000W high-power motor is adopted, which can ensure that the vehicle has more explosive force and the maximum speed can reach 43km/h. The large capacity battery can ensure the vehicle can last for more than 120km. The vehicle is equipped with daytime driving lights, double gear shift, new rear tail lights, automatic locking, double door electric lifting windows, etc. It is equipped with standard LED headlights and reversing images. The vacuum tires can adapt to various terrain and road conditions.

The front face of the exquisite cartoon image and dazzling colors are very eye-catching. The color contrast design is matched with the starry sky grille design, which is an appropriate high appearance courtesy car.