Low speed electric vehicles with comfort comparable to cars


This is a new low-speed electric vehicle built by our factory. The whole vehicle uses black and white double color matching. The front is decorated with imitation chrome plated decorative strips, and the middle is decorated with star net. The lamps are connected on both sides of the grid, and equipped with eagle eye LED headlights. It looks very sharp. The bottom adopts black U-shaped stripes to wrap the lower jaw of the vehicle, and the hood is equipped with two ridges, which looks more aggressive.

Viewed from the side, the car's waist line runs through the two doors, forming a parallel arc circle at the wheel, with silver metal door handles on both sides, and the rear-view mirror can automatically fold. The metal body shell, load-bearing body structure and cage body make the car have stronger impact resistance. The car body is made of car grade pearl paint, which can sparkle in the sun, and the colors are more diverse.

The chassis of the vehicle adopts the independent suspension of the front McPherson, and the trailing arm linkage suspension of the rear, also known as the plate suspension. The 155-70R12 low-speed vehicle is equipped with special road energy-saving tires. The chassis of the vehicle uses 50:50 counterweights at the front and rear to make driving more stable. The front and rear four wheel disc brakes, CBS linkage brakes, and braking force are more sufficient.

The quality of the interior is the key factor to determine the comfort of passengers. It is equipped with a three panel multi-function steering wheel, a LCD dashboard, a multimedia central control screen, a rotary air conditioner mechanical rotary button, and a forward/backward/reverse gear. Four door electric lifting sunroof, large field of view insulating glass, reversing radar, reversing image, cooling and heating air conditioner, etc.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 3500W permanent magnet synchronous motor, an InBehr controller, and a 72V100ah lead acid battery as standard. It has a pure electric endurance of 120km. Of course, it also supports both oil and electricity, with a comprehensive endurance of about 280km.

The car adopts a five door four seat layout, with comfortable seating space in the front and rear rows, three-point seat belts, and fabric seats. The space is large and the comfort is very good.