A high appearance electric pickup truck, which can carry people and goods without error, and is highly practical


Our common pickup trucks are used for freight transportation. They are also tough in shape and belong to non closed carriages that cannot carry people. Their driving comfort is poor. Today, we recommend a high appearance electric pickup truck that is suitable for family transportation and freight transportation.

The task of our electric pickup truck is to solve the two different vehicle needs of pulling goods and carrying people, so that the car owner can pull goods and carry people at the same time, and meet a wider range of uses, such as baby picking, sunshade, and elderly walking. It is a highly practical vehicle.

From the appearance, the car is fashionable, beautiful and generous. The overall size of the car is 3800x1500x1700mm. The design of four seats with double doors makes it have a good passenger space. The design of rear compartment cover can ensure the safety of goods.

In terms of power, the vehicle is equipped with a 3500W power mute motor, which has low noise, strong power, and is more powerful when climbing hills. It supports a maximum speed of 50km/h and has a range of about 150km.

This electric pickup truck has a stable and atmospheric appearance design, smooth lines, and a sense of fashion and strength. The whole vehicle adopts four major processes of automobile level, and the integrated stamping sheet metal ensures the rigidity of the body. Automobile assembly process, automobile grade paint, and the whole vehicle is equipped with integrated reverse image, multimedia playback and other functions, giving consideration to entertainment and safety; Power windows and central control door locks make daily use more convenient and safe; The luxurious leather seats that conform to the ergonomic design are both beautiful and comfortable. Available in a variety of colors.