Recommend three newly launched low-speed four-wheel electric vehicles with photovoltaic solar power generation


Today, we recommend three low-speed four-wheel electric vehicles using photovoltaic power generation. The quality is reliable, the models meet the "new national standard" standard, and with large capacity batteries, the range can reach 150 kilometers.

The first model is SUV model K7. The overall size is 3300 * 1500 * 1700mm, the wheelbase is 2150mm, and the wheels are 165-70R13 vacuum tires. At the same time, the steering wheel type steering control mode is adopted. The front and rear split LED lights and steering lights are used. Five doors and four seats are leather seats. The rear tailgate can be fully opened to one side. The front and rear rows are spacious, with large space design. It is also equipped with practical functions such as remote control door, electric door and window, one button start, etc. At the same time, it only needs to connect 220V power supply to charge the electric vehicle without special charging pile. At the same time, solar panels are installed to support solar charging, which can be automatically charged in sunny places, and the driving range can reach 150 kilometers.

The second sunshine tram, with the overall size of 3050 * 1600 * 1600 mm, adopts a four door four seat architecture design, which has more space and comfortable seats. The space for the whole family to travel in one car is also enough. The LED double headlights are adopted, which makes driving safer, wider vision and safer at night. Equipped with a 3000W brushless motor, it is highly efficient, energy-saving, powerful, and can reach a maximum speed of 65km/h. It is equipped with 60V100Ah large capacity batteries, and solar panels are installed at the same time to support solar charging. It can be automatically charged where there is sunshine, and its range can reach 150km.

The third model is also relatively small and flexible. The overall size is 2900x1550x1600mm. It adopts the architecture design of two doors and four seats. It has a large space and provides a family travel plan. Solar panels are installed on the roof to support solar charging. It can be charged automatically where there is sunshine, so you don't have to worry about driving. Equipped with LED high brightness headlights, LED light source design, saving 30% of power. It is equipped with a silent climbing motor, which is designed to make driving more comfortable. It has high power output and no pressure when climbing. In addition, it can be equipped with a 60V100Ah large capacity battery, with a pure electric range of 60km. Equipped with a disc brake design, it can brake more quickly and stop when you want. At the same time, it uses a ventilation disc design to avoid overheating. In addition, it uses spring hydraulic shock absorption, which can effectively filter the bumps on the road, providing a safe and comfortable experience for car owners.