The latest 12 super cute low-speed electric vehicles are very popular because they are small and flexible


The 12 low-speed electric vehicles we share today can not only support the dual use of oil and electricity, but also have cold and warm air conditioners, mainly because of their low prices. They are very practical and convenient for the elderly at home or young women to pick up and send their children daily.

The fully enclosed design can shelter from wind and rain, and the metal body is painted with beautiful paint, ensuring the safety and comfort absolutely. The vehicle size is 2770 * 1380 * 1610mm, and 3000w motor is used as power output. If you care about power output, you can also choose a better motor with higher power. The all metal body shell is more durable and safer. It is equipped with LED headlights and reversing image as standard, and the vacuum tire can adapt to various terrain and road conditions.

The maximum speed is 40km/h, which is very suitable for the elderly. Low speed is safer. It is also very convenient and practical for young women to use it as a substitute or to pick up and send off their children. Two doors and four seats, mini model, handle steering is simple to operate, stable, versatile and cheap. It can be used for family daily use.

We provide high-quality electric four-wheel scooters, with batteries as the power source, for home use and elderly people, which are easy to operate, slow, safe and stable. We have been committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of electric vehicles for many years, and have deeply cultivated the Chinese market and covered most of the markets in Europe and Southeast Asia. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.