The low speed electric vehicle with solar photovoltaic power generation technology, which is based on the electric vehicle, has been sold well throughout the country as soon as it is listed.


This is a low-speed electric vehicle with permanent endurance of photovoltaic power generation, which fills the gap in the current low-speed electric vehicle market and also explores a new way for the development of electric vehicles.

According to the principle of photovoltaic power generation, the battery life of electric four-wheel vehicles and low-speed electric vehicles is improved by using solar power generation technology, which effectively frees up the problem of limited battery life of electric vehicles, greatly saves operating costs, and improves the use range of electric vehicles. The refitted low-speed electric vehicle has a new photovoltaic power generation device, which can provide effective power in summer and achieve permanent endurance. When the sunshine time decreases in winter, it can be properly recharged every week.

Let's talk about the advantages of using photovoltaic power generation?

First, the charging mode is very convenient, which is not affected by the region. It can be charged as long as there is sunshine, and it can also be charged while riding. There is no need to pay the electricity bill or be afraid of power failure, which is environmentally friendly and economical

Second, it greatly improves the vehicle's endurance mileage. Charging while driving increases the vehicle's endurance mileage rapidly. That is to increase the driving distance of electric vehicles, enhance the climbing power, and reduce the wear of motor load;

Third, the solar panel can supplement the electric vehicle battery in a timely manner under the discharge state, which has a particularly obvious effect on reducing the vulcanization of the battery plate and extending the service life of the battery.

Let's talk about this low-speed electric vehicle. We have adopted a cute front face, which has a stronger visual impact. The overall model is compact and fashionable. It is equipped with a 3000W silent motor, which not only saves power and has more power, but also makes the vehicle climb more vigorously and accelerate faster. The large capacity battery can enable the vehicle to have a normal endurance of more than 120 km, or even reach more than 150 km at low speed.