What you need to know to drive a golf cart?


We all know that golf courses are very large, and golf carts are the most popular means of transportation on the golf course. What should we pay attention to when using golf carts?

Although driving a golf cart does not require a driver's license, it also requires the driver to master the basic knowledge of driving on the court, so that driving will not damage the turf of the golf course or affect other people. When driving, you should always pay attention to the players around you. Once you find someone is preparing to hit the ball, you must stop and wait until he hits the ball before continuing driving.

Due to different seasons and course conditions, golf courses will implement different rules for driving golf carts, the most common of which are two. One is that the cart can only be driven on the driveway, which is applicable to the course with soft and wet ground to avoid damage to the fairway turf. One is the 90 degree rule. This rule requires the cart to drive mainly on the lane, after reaching the position flush with the ball landing point, turn 90 degrees at right angles, cross the fairway and drive directly to the ball position, drive back to the lane according to the original road after hitting the ball, and continue to drive forward. This rule can not only allow players to drive to the ball position, but also minimize damage to the fairway grass.

It is worth noting that under any circumstances on any court, it is strictly forbidden to drive (push) a cart or handcart onto the green or service area, or it will cause serious damage to the court, which is unforgivable. Usually, there will be a signboard on the golf course to indicate the driving and parking area of the electric golf cart, which should be strictly followed by the players.

What other things do you need to pay attention to most about golf carts?