The latest 8 low-speed electric four-wheel vehicles and electric pickup trucks have arrived, and their endurance is even better!


With the increasing market demand for low-speed electric vehicles, our factory is also building new models in a tight and orderly manner. In this quarter, we launched 8 new low-speed electric four-wheel vehicles. These 8 low-speed electric four-wheel vehicles are small and flexible, and there are also SUVs. They have made great efforts in the endurance. Let's have a look.

First of all, let's take a look at the low-speed electric four-wheel vehicles of these smaller models. All of them are equipped with 1000W power system as standard, which can ensure that the vehicles have better power. The battery with large capacity can improve the vehicle's endurance. In addition, the range extender can be optionally installed to increase the endurance mileage.

The instrument panel is equipped with a large LCD central control screen, which can clearly display the vehicle mileage and other data; The lights are integrated lens high beam headlights, daytime driving lights, high beam off-road roof lights, rear tail integrated matrix tail lights, etc., which ensure that the vehicle lights can illuminate farther and brighter. In addition, it is equipped with a reverse image to make parking more convenient. It is also equipped with parking lock, rotary gear control, warm air and other configurations.

Secondly, let's take a look at this SUV model, Hongqi K7. This car combines high appearance and high performance. It adopts the design of red flag front, which can make the vehicle look grand and beautiful. It is equipped with high-performance batteries and high-power motors to ensure more power and longer endurance. In addition, Hongqi K7 also has a fully loaded high rigid cage shaped safety structure, which can ensure higher vehicle safety.

Hongqi K7 has a front disc and rear drum brake system, which can ensure the stability of the vehicle's brake without slipping. The 9-inch intelligent suspension touch screen can make the vehicle full of science and technology.

Finally, there are two types of heavy-duty electric pickup trucks, which can be customized to meet the needs of both oil and electricity. The powerful power motor has dual functions of travel or freight transportation. The 3500 watt 72V battery with the motor gives full play to the climbing and loading functions of the vehicle. The standard LED headlights and reversing images are equipped, and the vacuum tires can adapt to various terrain and road conditions. The back bucket with or without a lid is also equipped with a raised rear compartment. The fully enclosed design ensures the safety of goods.

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