Six types of security patrol cars made in China that can walk through the streets


With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of the masses on social governance and urban management are also increasing. At the same time, the urban management law enforcement within the jurisdiction also undertakes the more important task of ensuring social security order and improving the level of urban management. The law enforcement patrol car plays an important role.

Our security patrol car is small, mobile and flexible. It can drive safely in the street, and can easily drive into the back streets. It can rush to the scene to deal with emergencies at the first time.

The interior design of our patrol car is comfortable and luxurious, which is suitable for patrolling and patrolling in large tourist attractions, theme parks, city squares, university town campuses, airports, railway stations and other crowded areas. It is the first choice for law enforcement agencies to use motorized vehicles and smart environment-friendly vehicles.

There are also closed patrol cars. Glass windows are used on the doors to provide a good view. When people sit in the car, they can clearly see the surrounding environment. If there are abnormal conditions ahead, the car can quickly speed up to reach the abnormal location.

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