Household small-scale walking electric vehicles that are popular all over China


September is the first school season in China, so this time node is also the peak of electric vehicle consumption. Therefore, we launched several high-quality electric vehicles with high cost performance for the beginning of the school season.

This is a small three wheeled electric bicycle. The whole vehicle adopts a light and agile appearance. The front inverted trapezoidal LED daytime light is simple and atmospheric. The body is designed with a half wrapped cylinder, and has a variety of vitality colors such as vitality blue, yam white and nutmeg powder.

The car has a large LED liquid crystal digital display instrument, accurate percentage display of SoC Power, and clear display of gear, mileage, speed, light and other contents. The car adopts sofa class seats and soft q-bombs. 340mm super long span, even when riding loads can be easily handled. In terms of endurance, the car is equipped with a tailing TF2 motor and a 48v24ah lithium battery, with a range of about 90 kilometers.

Let's take another look at another three wheel electric vehicle with the same lightweight design. The car has round runway headlights in the front. The baby seat can be flexibly retracted and retracted to the bottom of the rear seat when not in use. The rear seat cushion is made of high-grade PU leather, which is comfortable and full. Classic double color combo is high-end and fashionable.

The car is also an intelligent electric vehicle, equipped with a large HD LED screen, and supports a variety of unlocking methods of NFC. In terms of power, the whole vehicle is equipped with a 600W high-efficiency motor and a large capacity lithium battery, with a range of 120 kilometers.

Finally, let's take a look at the electric tricycle with two rows of seats. The car uses LED headlights, elegant contours, straight lines, simple fashion and atmosphere. The digital display on the instrument panel is simple and clear. The car's seat is wide, and many things can be placed at the bottom of the rear seat, which is very practical.

Similar models are also equipped with a 10 inch energy-saving motor and a 12 tube controller. The speed can reach 43km / h, and 60v20ah lead-acid or lithium batteries can be loaded. Under daily cycling, the range is about 70-80 kilometers. Daily transportation is enough!