How can the daily maintenance of the electric sanitation vehicle improve the service life of the electric sanitation vehicle?


Walking on the streets, electric sanitation vehicles can be seen almost everywhere, and the popularity of electric sanitation vehicles is getting higher and higher. The electric sanitation vehicle is simple to operate, has a lower failure rate, and is very low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

In order to improve the service life of electric sanitation vehicles, the maintenance of electric sanitation vehicles should not be ignored. Only regular maintenance of the vehicle can prolong the service life of the sanitation vehicle. So how to maintain the sanitation car?

1. First, regularly check all parts of the electric sanitation vehicle, check the water and electricity consumption of the vehicle, and confirm whether all parts of the vehicle are in good condition. After using the garbage truck every time, pay attention to cleaning the garbage truck.

2. Pay attention to check the air consumption of tires every week and clean the sundries on the tire shaft of garbage truck. Both tyres and spare tyres need to be checked. It is necessary to check the battery condition of the electric sanitation vehicle and the use of the motor. Once any problem is found, repair it immediately.

3. Lubricate the places where the electric sanitation vehicle needs lubrication every month. The wear of tyres should also be checked regularly. The use of the chassis is an item that needs to be checked during the use of the electric sanitation vehicle.

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