Why are the low-speed electric cars produced by the reliable electric car factory so popular?


In recent years, China's low-speed electric vehicle industry has increased significantly in quality, and its appearance has been close to that of traditional vehicles. The model positioning of low-speed electric vehicles produced by our factory is not limited to the old generation. The models are comparable to traditional cars, and the appearance is fashionable and flexible. The consumers are more and more young from the past 50 years old to the present 20 years old, and gradually become the new favorite of travel in the market below the third tier.

Our product configuration and safety factor have also been significantly improved. Low speed electric vehicles extend from the original electric bicycles and electric tricycles. The initial configuration is similar to that of electric bicycles and tricycles. With the development of the industry, the configuration of low-speed electric vehicles is gradually close to that of traditional vehicles. Electric vehicles such as navigation, multimedia, one button start, remote-controlled windows, safety belts and door open alarm have all been equipped, and even some functional selling points have exceeded that of traditional vehicles.

Our factory has also increased investment in product research and development and product manufacturing. From the R & D center and production line of electric bicycles and electric two wheeled vehicles to the R & D and production of low-speed electric vehicles at the beginning, to the present, the investment in R & D and product manufacturing has been increased, the independent R & D center has been established, and the four major processes have been launched. Since then, the low-speed electric vehicles have gradually moved towards the direction of independent R & D and quality manufacturing.

In China, the Ministry of industry and information technology has included low-speed electric vehicles into the category of new energy vehicles and established the legal status of low-speed electric vehicles. It is believed that the development of low-speed electric vehicles will be better in the future.