Wholesaler of low-speed electric food truck made in China


Our electric snack truck is powered by electric power. It has a functional modification design and is a mobile food truck. It is small, environmental friendly, economical and low-noise. It is suitable for the catering needs of cities and factories, with a simple and elegant appearance. It provides convenient and practical meals for customers.

Now many customers like to eat fresh, nutritious, convenient and affordable breakfast, so where do you know to buy an electric snack cart? I recommend our electric dining car to you. The quality of the mobile dining car is high and guaranteed! It is widely used in large-scale factories, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels and other places to deliver meals, truly realize health and environmental protection, comfort and energy saving, and meet the different needs of customers.

The electric gourmet cart does not need to rent expensive stores, with less investment, low risk, low entry threshold and short investment recovery cycle. It is more suitable for first-time entrepreneurs. The electric gourmet cart can also design personalized shapes according to different places of use. It can show individuality in crowded markets, schools, amusement parks, stations and other places. It not only facilitates the life of consumers, but also helps to regulate the fast food supply market, and also opens up employment channels. It can be said to be a win-win project.

Due to the large body of the electric snack truck, the driving speed shall not exceed 15km / h and the turning speed shall not exceed 5km / h to avoid accidents. The battery shall be charged in time and cannot be used with power loss.