Why are low-speed electric vehicles produced in China so easy to sell?


Why are low-speed electric vehicles produced in China so easy to sell?

In recent years, the trend of new energy travel has been irresistible. After years of market exploration and technological development, our electric vehicles have gradually occupied a place in the development of the automobile industry.

More than 70% of China's population lives in small and medium-sized cities, urban-rural areas and vast rural areas. The roads in these areas are wide, the population density is low, the daily traffic distance is short, and the per capita income is not high. The objective conditions are suitable for the development of small low-speed electric vehicles with low prices for daily short-distance traffic.

Low speed electric vehicle is a composite product that combines the characteristics of low-speed vehicle and electric vehicle. The low-speed electric vehicle is driven by an electric motor. The driving speed is generally between 40-70km / h and the driving mileage is generally about 100-200km. It is mainly applicable to secondary and tertiary cities and urban-rural areas. It is a low-cost and energy-saving vehicle with development prospects.

In addition, small low-speed electric vehicles are mainly used in small and medium-sized towns and vast rural areas, so there is no need to establish large-scale charging stations, especially in towns and vast rural areas, which can easily realize charging. It has natural and superior popularization conditions and low infrastructure investment cost.