How long can the low-speed electric vehicle battery normally last?


How long can the battery of an electric vehicle last?

Generally speaking, the service life of battery car battery is about 2 years, but it can be increased to 3-4 years if it is well maintained. However, there are still many wrong ideas in the maintenance of batteries, resulting in poor maintenance and even initial damage.

(1) When using maintenance free batteries, it is easy to feel that maintenance free batteries do not need maintenance.
(2) The corrosion on the surface of the battery pole terminal does not need to be solved if it is not loose. Corrosion will occur on the surface and the inner surface of the terminal head, which will lead to the expansion of the resistance value and damage all normal battery charging and discharging of the battery. It must be properly handled.
(3) When the liquid level is low, fill electrolyte or add pure water instead of necessary pure water. If the electrolyte containing hydrochloric acid is added, the electrolyte concentration inside the battery will expand, and combustion and organic gas may occur, which will seriously damage the service life of the battery; Use edible pure water instead of pure water, which contains a small amount of elements and has a negative impact on the battery.
(4) The relative density of electrolyte is not regularly checked and adjusted, especially in winter, resulting in insufficient battery volume and even electrolyte freezing.
(5) In winter, the battery is used to start and continuously start the machine, resulting in excessive battery charge and discharge.