Rear mounted electric garbage truck made in China


The rear mounted electric garbage truck, also known as the "rear bucket four-wheel garbage truck", is mainly used to collect garbage cans. After taking away the garbage, put the garbage cans back in place to meet the needs of large amount of garbage and large demand for garbage cans in residential areas.

At the same time, this rear mounted electric garbage truck adopts a forward leaning carriage and has an independent sewage discharge outlet. It will not cause secondary pollution during the cleaning process, and can effectively protect the environment of residential areas.

At present, it has been widely used in urban sanitation, urban and rural sanitation, municipal gardens, property cleaning, factories, schools, hospitals, scenic spots, communities, streets and other places for garbage removal.

This rear mounted electric garbage truck adopts a manganese steel cold riveting splicing process light truck chassis, equipped with standard automobile tires and shock absorbers, with a strong load capacity of 3.5m³ Garbage can can meet the daily use of the community.

It can be operated remotely, holding two 240L standard garbage cans or one 660l large garbage can at the same time. At the same time, it has a scraper, which can effectively use the storage space through two gentle compression, greatly improving the transfer efficiency of garbage in the community. We provide professional sanitation garbage trucks and sanitation garbage trucks with complete specifications and high cost performance.

The rear mounted electric garbage removal vehicle has a compact body. It is also equipped with EPS power steering device, EBS brake vacuum power assistance system, and widened front and rear hydraulic braking. It has flexible steering and reliable braking, and can adapt to the narrow roads and more parking conditions in residential areas. Moreover, the vehicle is pure electric, equipped with a first-line brand lithium iron phosphate battery, with a range of up to 100 kilometers, which can meet the daily garbage removal and use of the community, and the operation noise is low, It will not affect the lives of surrounding residents.

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