Nucleic acid vaccine medical vehicle
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Nucleic acid vaccine medical vehicle

This is a Nucleic acid vaccine medical vehicle, which is a closed van type transport vehicle used to maintain the temperature of frozen or fresh-keeping vaccine drugs. The vaccine cold chain vehicle is a special refrigerated transport vehicle equipped with refrigeration unit and polyurethane insulation compartment. The nucleic acid vaccine refrigerated vehicle is often used to transport cold food (frozen vehicle), dairy products (milk transport vehicle), vegetables and fruits (fresh cargo transport vehicle), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicle), etc.

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Product Description

Nucleic acid vaccine medical vehicle presentation

This is a Ford New Quanshun gasoline vaccine transport vehicle, which is formed by adding a refrigeration unit and modifying the insulation compartment on the basis of the jx6503p-l6 chassis. It is refitted with Jiangling Ford's new Quanshun middle axle middle top chassis and 149kw Ford engine, which brings strong power, and the speed can reach 156km / h. The central control layout is easy to operate, the shift stroke is short, there is a sense of suction when entering the gear, the gear is clear, and the operation feel is good, which provides guarantee for driving stability. The body adopts solid boron steel casting and multi beam structure design, which can effectively and evenly absorb the impact force during collision and maximize the cushioning and energy absorption effect; Low natural frequency vibration and low noise; The overall body has a low and stable center of gravity, which effectively ensures the safety of passengers in the car and improves driving comfort. The refrigerator of this car adopts 304# stainless steel inner compartment, which is anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, easy to clean, hard surface, effective anti-collision and long service life; The floor adopts aluminum profile guide rail to accelerate the circulation of cold air; The original double compressor has been reformed and has won the national utility model patent to ensure stable and reliable performance. It is widely used in the transportation of blood, vaccines, drugs and other products.

Product parameters

Total mass (kg) 3510
Rated load mass (kg) 1100
Curb weight (kg) 2280
Number of passengers allowed in the cab 23
Approach angle / departure angle (”) 20/25
Number of leaf springs -/1,-/2
Number  of  axes 2
Number of tires 4
Front track width(mm) 1736
Axle load (kg) 1635/1875
Tank  volume  (M3) 1方
Overall   dimension(mm) 5341×2032×2580
Cargo compartment size  (mm) 2290×1450×1550
Load mass utilization coefficient 0.53
Front suspension / rear suspension (mm) 1014/1027
Steering form Steering wheel
Wheelbase    (mm) 3300
Tire specification 215/75R16LT
Rear track width (mm) 1720
Maximum  speed  (km  /h) 156

Product features and applications

Special functions and features of vaccine transport vehicle:
1. The vaccine transport vehicle places the insulation compartment inside the compartment. The general thickness of the domestic insulation board of bread models is 8cm, which can effectively avoid direct sunlight and increase the heat inside the compartment.
2. The vaccine transport vehicle introduces advanced technology and equipment and the internationally leading manufacturing process of thermal insulation box. The box produced has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, no joints, beautiful appearance, good thermal insulation and corrosion resistance.
3. The radiator of the refrigeration unit of the vaccine transport vehicle is installed on the top of the bread carriage. The compressor is located at the automobile engine. The engine takes power to make the compressor work. The radiator and fan take power from the automobile battery.
4. Ford vaccine transport vehicle adopts well-known Songhan refrigeration unit at home and abroad to realize automatic temperature regulation and achieve the perfect combination of power and refrigeration.
5. There is a ventilation slot at the bottom plate of the vaccine transport carriage, which is convenient for the circulation of cold air throughout the vehicle and keeps the temperature in the carriage balanced.
6. The temperature of the vaccine transport vehicle can be adjusted freely and can be operated in the cab, which is simple and convenient.
7. The vaccine transport carriage is equipped with lighting lamp and alarm device, and is equipped with automatic temperature recorder or optional driving recorder, which can realize the function of recording temperature values in different time periods and different places.

Product details

Company size

Delivery of shipments and services


Q1 How to place an order?
1) Contact customer service to confirm the freight and product model, configuration, quantity and other details (you can also arrange your own freight forwarder);
2) We provide you with a proforma invoice containing all product details in accordance with your final decision;
3) You need to arrange 30% payment to our bank account, then we will prepare the product to start production (the cycle is generally about 10 days, can be specially configured for your order quantity delivery);
4) After the product is completed, we will pay the remaining payment and arrange delivery by our forwarder (or we can provide relevant information and arrange forwarder transportation by ourselves).
5) Upon completion of this process, customer service will track the location of the product and notify you of its imminent arrival and arrival so that you can quickly prepare for customs clearance and other related issues.

Q2 What does your FOB reference price include?
A: FOB includes costs only. If you do not have your own freight forwarder, please provide us with the port country/region near you and we will quote cif including freight.

Q3 What is your warranty service?
A: We offer a one-year warranty for the motors, batteries and controllers.

Q4 Why can't I use Courier service and order by myself?
A: Packaged, the product is bulky and contains a large number of batteries. It can be transported by rail but the cost is too high (the appearance of the product may wear out).

Q5 What if I still insist on home delivery?
A: Please provide your address and then we can check the details and arrange.

Q6 What is your production/delivery time for ?
A: The production/delivery time will be controlled within 30 days (generally 10 days can be shipped, simple configuration is 2-3 days).

Q7 Do you test everything before shipping?
A: Yes, we have passed 100% testing before shipment (basic equipment testing also includes roads, hill climbing, rain, water crossing roads, etc.).

Q8 Do you support sample shipment?
A: Yes, we support shipping samples to the port.

Q9 how to guarantee my order after placing order?
A: We will track your order and provide production videos throughout the process. After delivery, the location of the item will also be tracked and provided to you until you receive the item. There will also be a dedicated customer service to receive your follow-up feedback.

Q10 Can you produce Q10 according to the sample?
A: Yes, we can produce according to your samples or technical drawings. We can build molds and fixtures.

Q11 What are your payment terms?
Answer: 30% as deposit, and pay 70% balance before delivery. We will show you photos and videos of the products and packaging before

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