Closed police patrol vehicle VS open police patrol vehicle


At present, closed police patrol vehicles and open police patrol vehicles are widely used, bearing the burden of public security patrol and creating a harmonious and safe environment for the society. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two vehicles?

Open public security patrol vehicle

Advantages: wide vision, easy to patrol. There are no obstructions around the car. You can clearly see the surrounding environment and know the surrounding conditions in time. The disadvantages are that in cold or windy seasons, it is not allowed to cover the wind and rain, and in hot seasons, it is not allowed to use the air conditioner.

Closed police patrol vehicle

Advantages: It can protect against wind and rain, and can be equipped with air conditioner to satisfy the use of hot weather. The disadvantage is that the vision may be blocked and it is unable to understand the surrounding dynamics in time.

For patrol cars produced by our factory, we can choose to reserve glass windows on the door to ensure the best visual effect. People can clearly see the surrounding environment when sitting in the car. If there are abnormal conditions ahead, the car can speed up quickly to reach the abnormal location. When the patrol personnel sit on it, they can not only see farther places, understand the surrounding dynamics, but also rush to the abnormal places in time. Even models with closed doors and windows can be flexibly dismantled, which can meet the demand of patrol vehicles no matter what season.

Low-speed electric patrol car is the first choice for law enforcement units to patrol and inspect the crowded tourist attractions, theme parks, city squares, university city campuses, airports, railway stations, etc. We have been committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of electric vehicles for many years, deeply ploughing the Chinese market and covering most of the markets in Europe and Southeast Asia. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.