How to choose electric fire engines?


Before purchasing electric fire engines, we should do the following three things:

1: Actively understand and popularize the basic knowledge of electric fire engines. Before choosing electric fire engines, you can learn the basic knowledge of electric fire engines from the Internet, books and newspapers. You can compare the brands you often see and hear from friends. The relative authenticity and good quality will be stronger.

2: Observe a brand or factory on the spot. We can choose brands with long operation time, low maintenance rate, high cost efficiency and good reputation. A factory with a certain business scale, which can ensure that your after-sales maintenance service is guaranteed.

3: Understand the specific vehicle model and the system used, check whether there are defects in the parts and appearance, test drive experience, and pay more attention to whether the brake pedal is flexible during test run; Whether the motor noise is normal, whether the lights and instrument panel are normal, etc. We also need to know the charging time and the production date of the battery.

Our Reliable Electric Vehicle Factory is a manufacturer focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of pure electric vehicles. The mini and medium-sized electric fire engines produced by us can be used for emergency fire fighting in residential areas and schools, as well as for campus fire knowledge practice. The advantages of micro electric fire engines are energy conservation and environmental protection, low driving cost, and small models can quickly reach some narrow streets. Before the arrival of large fire equipment, quick rescue can be carried out at the first time to reduce the injury area. The vehicles are also easy and flexible to operate.

We are specialized in the production of three wheel four wheel electric vehicles for passengers, electric vehicles for sightseeing and patrolling, electric pickup trucks for cargo, rescue and fire engines, environmental sanitation vehicles and customized catering vehicles. We always provide customers with high-quality products, technical support and sound after-sales service.