Common problems and solutions of electric garbage truck


The electric sanitation vehicle is mainly used for municipal sanitation and large enterprises to transport all kinds of garbage, especially domestic garbage in residential areas. It can compress the loaded garbage, increase the density and reduce the volume, and greatly improve the efficiency of garbage collection and transportation. The new electric sanitation vehicle produced by our company has reliable quality, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and low operation cost.

1、 Difficulty in starting the engine

1. It is difficult for the sanitation garbage truck to start cold, and the vibration is large after starting hard. The spark plug may be faulty or the ignition time may be too early. It is recommended to go to the nearest service point for timely maintenance.

2. It is difficult to start at low temperature in winter. The main reasons are: the fuel gasification rate decreases with the decrease of air temperature; The mixer is thinner, difficult to burn and start; The viscosity of lubricating oil increases, the engine running resistance increases, and it is difficult to start; The chemical change of the battery electrolyte is slow, resulting in the export of less than. The starter power and ignition voltage are insufficient and the engine is difficult to start.

Before starting in cold season, the garbage truck engine shall be preheated to prevent difficult starting in winter at low temperature.

2、 Engine lubrication

1. When accelerating, the lubricating oil pressure indicator lights up. It indicates that the lubricating oil pressure is too low. The filter may be blocked The amount of lubricating oil is low Oil pump failure and other reasons. It is recommended to go to the nearest service point for maintenance in a timely manner. Or the lubricating oil pressure display system fails, and the display lamp is wrong. It is recommended to go to the nearest service point in time for maintenance.

2. The lubricating oil consumption of the compressed garbage truck is too large. The lubricating oil is also normally consumed when the vehicle is in good condition, but when the vehicle is in poor condition, the exhaust color of the vehicle is blue, which means that the lubricating oil consumption is too large. The main reason for lubricating oil consumption is entering the combustion chamber to participate in combustion or lubricating oil leakage. It is recommended that the car be repaired at the nearest service point in a timely manner.

3、 Unstable operation of generator

1. Dirty engine throttle body or loose motor fault. When the throttle valve of the engine valve body and the idle valve are heavily soiled, the engine idle speed is too low Poor stability or no idle speed, the throttle valve gets stuck during refueling. It is generally recommended to clean the throttle body every 20000 km. After cleaning, inspection instruments shall be set to achieve normal working attitude.

2. The engine of the high-pressure cleaning and sewage suction vehicle shakes seriously, and the fault warning light flashes occasionally. The reason is that the fuel supply system is polluted or blocked by dirty fuel. The use of unclean fuel will lead to fuel supply, ignition and emission system pollution, which will cause the engine fault warning lamp to light up and the engine to shake to different degrees.

The solution is to continuously add gasoline with stable index quality and add a certain amount of oil circuit cleaner after cleaning the pollution system.

4、 Engine exhaust color.

1. The exhaust color of garbage truck is blue. The garbage truck cannot complete combustion because a large amount of lubricating oil enters the cylinder; Sometimes the engine will emit blue smoke when it is cold started, but it will be good when it is hot. Recommend going to the 4S store for maintenance in a timely manner.

2. The exhaust color of garbage truck becomes black. Because the fuel combustion is incomplete. It will reduce the driving force. The economy will deteriorate. Recommend going to the 4S store for maintenance in a timely manner.

3. The hook arm garbage truck is white in color. It is seriously cold and will not emit white smoke after it is hot. This is because there is water in the gasoline, the engine is too cold, and the fuel entering the cylinder is not completely burned, resulting in white smoke from fog spots or water vapor. In winter or rainy season, when the car starts for the first time, you can often see white smoke. As soon as the engine temperature rises, the white smoke will rise. This state does not need to be repaired.