The electric medical vehicle is the movable rescue station in the scenic area and the guardian of the park


Our micro electric medical vehicle is a safety emergency assistant in the scenic area, a small guard guarding our public park, and a smart and special scenic spot, which can escort everyone to play every time!

Our electric medical vehicles are mainly used for temporary first aid of injuries and conditions of public emergency personnel. Before waiting for professional medical personnel to arrive for rescue, patients are quickly transferred to the emergency area by electric ambulances to wait for professional rescue, or quickly transferred to the rescue station.

Reliable electric medical vehicles can not only quickly transfer the injured, but also timely deal with them through on-board emergency rescue equipment and facilities to avoid secondary injury. Through inspection and examination, the service concept of people-oriented in the park or scenic area will be displayed to enhance tourists' sense of security, reduce unnecessary disputes and improve the service quality of the scenic area.

The design and layout of our electric rescue vehicles meet the needs of emergency rescue, with the addition of ambulance stretchers, first-aid kits and rescue equipment to improve the rescue function. The vehicle is equipped with a shielding curtain to protect the privacy of the injured and reduce the adverse impact of transportation in the scenic area (park). It is a mobile rescue station. It also urges the scenic spot to respond promptly and quickly in case of emergency, so as to prevent unnecessary losses and conflicts to the scenic spot.