Advantages of electric food trucks


1. Streamlined body design.
The product has the advantages of compact structure, novel shape, beautiful appearance, fast speed, strong climbing ability and long driving distance.

2. Split body design
The split body is convenient for future maintenance and replacement of parts. Compared with the integrated body design of similar manufacturers, the maintenance cost is greatly reduced. '

3, combined interior cloth electric car roof adopts split structure
Electric food truck, Qingdao electric car, Shandong electric food truck
Electric food truck, Qingdao electric car, Shandong electric food truck
Interior structure can be replaced according to customer preference, easy to repair and replace. The ceiling interior material used has good heat insulation, heat insulation effect; Reduce the noise inside the car, improve the comfort and safety of the passengers

4, disc brake
The first disc brake is used in electric vehicles, greatly improving the safety index of customers. The disc brake has a large and stable braking force under the help of hydraulic force, and has good braking performance on all kinds of roads. Its braking efficiency is much higher than that of drum brake, and the air directly passes through the disc brake disc, so the heat dissipation performance of disc brake is very good, and avoids the phenomenon of thermal recession. Good braking effect, high safety factor.

5. Chassis design
The bus chassis design is applied to electric vehicles to enhance stability and safety.

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