Electric sweeper is a beautiful scenery line in the future city


So what are the advantages of electric sweeper? With the aging of the population, can go out to do sanitation workers less and less, electric sweeper a car can replace 6-8 people's workload, the sweeper can use batteries for 6-10 hours, no pollution, no exhaust emissions, in line with national environmental standards. A variety of models for choice, can be widely used in shopping malls, factories, streets and other places.

Multi-functional electric sweeper and sweeping, vacuuming, spraying, washing in one, it can be said that the sparrow is small five viscera. Fruit dander, stones, bottles, all can not be sucked into the bag. Because it has the function of dust spraying, so it will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. Because it has a large water tank inside the car, it has a retractable tube, and the head of the tube is a pressure nozzle, so it is a mobile car wash machine. The top of the car is equipped with a rising spray facility, which can be used for spraying disinfection, cleaning and watering trees and flowers, and dust suppression, which is a multi-purpose car.

The interior seat of the car is designed to fit the human body, so that people will not feel back pain under long time operation. The battery is maintenance-free, does not leak, and does not produce harmful gas. One key forward and back control, convenient operation. It's hard not to welcome such a versatile car!

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