Electric fire patrol vehicle
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Electric fire patrol vehicle

This is a Electric fire patrol vehicle, which is mainly applicable to patrol cars in streets and communities, scenic spots, theme parks, city squares, University City campuses, airports, railway stations, factories and other crowded patrols and inspections.

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Product Description

Electric fire patrol vehicle presentation

This electric fire patrol car is operated by electricity and does not need to use gasoline, so it will not produce waste gas and will not damage the air. There are no obstructions around the open body and the vision is wide. It can quickly check the surrounding environment. Once there is an abnormal phenomenon in a certain place, the car can quickly speed up to check. The truck cargo bucket is equipped with water tank, high-pressure water mist fire pump, high-pressure water mist hand lift pump Fire fighting tools [Fire hammer: 1 fire Axe: 1 fire shovel, 1 fire hose: 1 set, fire hydrant wrench: 1, crowbar: 1, dry powder fire extinguisher: bottle, fire respirator: 2, flashlight: 1, pager: 1, safety belt: 2, fire gloves: 2 pairs of helmets: 2psc, fire rubber shoes: 2, fire extinguisher support: 2], our company can also customize vehicles according to customer requirements, Meet the practical needs of customers!

Product parameters

Overall dimension: 4050*1540*2030mm
Rated members: 5 people
load bearing: 860  kg
Vehicle equipment quality 1120kg
Motor power: 5kw
Battery: 48V(86V/170ah)
No load level road endurance: 80-100  km
Front track: 1200mm
speed per hour: 27  km/h
Minimum ground clearance: 135   mm
Rear track: 1210mm
Electric control: AC controller
Minimum turning radius: 4000   mm
Charging time: 6h-8h
wheelbase: 2800  mm
Braking distance: 4500mm
Charging voltage: 220V
customized: Customizable 72V (98V)
Charger: Full automatic inteligent charger
Maximum  grade 20%
Tires: 18570R13
Boot size: 1890*1310*1080mm
Lighting voltage: 12V
Water tank: 700L
Engine type: Single cyinder gasoline engine
Engine power 9.8/13(KW/HP)
Water pump: Single stage centifugal pump
Engine model: 13HP,LF188FD
Maximum suction depth: 7m
Lift: 65m
Working pressure of high pressure pump 0.4Mpa
Startup mode: Manual/electric start
Diversion time <20s
Inlet and outlet pipe diameter: 65mm
Rated flow: 660L/min
Fire hammer 1
Nozzle diameter of water gun: 19mm
Fire axe: 1
Fire fighting shovel 1
Flashlight: 1
Suction pipe: 7m(1 article)
Fire hose 2 pieces (20m/piece)
Lap belt: Article 2
Fire hydrant wrench: 1
Pager: 1
Fire respirator 2pcs
Fire rubber shoes: 2 pairs
Suction head 1
Fire helmet: 2psc
Dry powder fire extinguisher 2 bottles
other: Equipped with the police system of enterprises in the public security and police vehicle procurement directory, long LED alarm lights and pagers.

Product features and applications

The most remarkable advantages of this electric fire patrol vehicle are flexibility, low noise, energy saving and improving work efficiency. It is suitable for use in places with a large number of people. Walking through the busy streets, there will be no huge noise. The electric fire truck has low noise and will not affect the daily life of residents when used. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in residential areas, parks, schools, factories, docks and other places. The car is flexible and can shuttle through smaller alleys, which greatly improves the work efficiency and saves the working time of law enforcement personnel.

Product details

Company size

Delivery of shipments and services


Q1 How to place an order?
1) Contact customer service to confirm the freight and product model, configuration, quantity and other details (you can also arrange your own freight forwarder);
2) We provide you with a proforma invoice containing all product details in accordance with your final decision;
3) You need to arrange 30% payment to our bank account, then we will prepare the product to start production (the cycle is generally about 10 days, can be specially configured for your order quantity delivery);
4) After the product is completed, we will pay the remaining payment and arrange delivery by our forwarder (or we can provide relevant information and arrange forwarder transportation by ourselves).
5) Upon completion of this process, customer service will track the location of the product and notify you of its imminent arrival and arrival so that you can quickly prepare for customs clearance and other related issues.

Q2 What does your FOB reference price include?
A: FOB includes costs only. If you do not have your own freight forwarder, please provide us with the port country/region near you and we will quote cif including freight.

Q3 What is your warranty service?
A: We offer a one-year warranty for the motors, batteries and controllers.

Q4 Why can't I use Courier service and order by myself?
A: Packaged, the product is bulky and contains a large number of batteries. It can be transported by rail but the cost is too high (the appearance of the product may wear out).

Q5 What if I still insist on home delivery?
A: Please provide your address and then we can check the details and arrange.

Q6 What is your production/delivery time for ?
A: The production/delivery time will be controlled within 30 days (generally 10 days can be shipped, simple configuration is 2-3 days).

Q7 Do you test everything before shipping?
A: Yes, we have passed 100% testing before shipment (basic equipment testing also includes roads, hill climbing, rain, water crossing roads, etc.).

Q8 Do you support sample shipment?
A: Yes, we support shipping samples to the port.

Q9 how to guarantee my order after placing order?
A: We will track your order and provide production videos throughout the process. After delivery, the location of the item will also be tracked and provided to you until you receive the item. There will also be a dedicated customer service to receive your follow-up feedback.

Q10 Can you produce Q10 according to the sample?
A: Yes, we can produce according to your samples or technical drawings. We can build molds and fixtures.

Q11 What are your payment terms?
Answer: 30% as deposit, and pay 70% balance before delivery. We will show you photos and videos of the products and packaging before

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