Customized low-speed electric train and scenic spot theme electric sightseeing car


The electric sightseeing train is a new type of transportation to adapt to the current tourism industry. For such a popular amusement device, what are the more occasions for its use?

In addition to its excellent appearance design, electric sightseeing trains can also be used in different occasions. Electric sightseeing trains can be seen in scenic spots, parks, shopping malls and even schools to meet the needs of tourists in the park. You can enjoy the beauty of the scenic spot without walking.

In addition, the electric sightseeing train has a greater advantage because it can be used as a beautiful scenic line for tourists to enjoy. In addition, flexible sightseeing routes can be designed for tourists during driving, so that tourists do not have to consider where to visit the whole scenic area.

Now many large shopping malls have also added electric sightseeing trains as entertainment vehicles for children, attracting a lot of children tourists. In some colleges and universities, we often see theme personalized small trains in the park. While sending students to their destinations, we can also let everyone enjoy the beautiful scenery of the campus. Electric sightseeing trains are widely used in scenic spots, campuses, amusement parks, shopping malls and other places.

Our factory can produce various types of trackless sightseeing trains, electric sightseeing trains, fuel sightseeing trains and sightseeing trains in scenic spots. We can undertake the modification and customization of structures, surface painting and special functions. We have long-term customized service experience for customers at home and abroad. We can produce 42, 50, 58, 62 and 72 all metal sightseeing trains. It has an independent design and processing team, which can meet the personalized customization requirements of the scenic spot.

Our electric sightseeing trains are widely used in many fields and are highly practical, so they are highly praised by the society.