Our low-speed electric sightseeing bus enters the university campus and becomes the first choice for transportation in the park


With the construction and development of colleges and universities, the expansion of campus space has brought about the rapid expansion of college students' demand for fast travel. School sightseeing buses and shuttle buses have also been popularized. Our electric sightseeing buses also appear on the campus of major universities.

The campus electric sightseeing car, tram patrol car and reception car are new fast transportation tools of the school in recent years. Now most of the common school sightseeing buses in our school are electric sightseeing buses. This vehicle is a regional vehicle, which is an environment-friendly electric passenger vehicle specially developed for tourist attractions, schools, resorts, urban pedestrian streets and other areas.

Its main function is to pick up and drop off area or regional inspection, which is specially used for traffic in the park. In order to facilitate the travel of teachers and students, the electric sightseeing cars equipped in the school are highly sought after and widely praised from the current operation. Before there is no electric sightseeing bus, students may have a distance of nearly half an hour from the dormitory to the teaching building. Some students buy bicycles themselves, but it is inconvenient to store and handle them.

In recent years, after the university logistics department implemented the operation of electric sightseeing vehicles, students can wave to stop in a few minutes and spend 1-2 yuan to reach the destination as long as they see the electric sightseeing vehicles. In general, electric sightseeing vehicles have low energy consumption, no pollution, no noise, and zero emissions, and are relatively ideal transportation tools for colleges and universities. After the electric sightseeing bus is put into operation, most teachers and students support the implementation of the electric sightseeing bus.