How to drive a low-speed electric vehicle to save electricity and drive longer?


TLow speed electric vehicles bring a lot of convenience to our life. How to extend the range of electric vehicles in the process of driving? When driving, we need to pay attention to some tips to protect our battery and make it more energy-saving and durable.

1. Remember not to brake hard

Pay attention when driving, always observe the surrounding road conditions, and avoid sudden braking. Because sudden braking not only does great damage to the motor, but also easily locks the brake, affecting the use of electric vehicles. 2. Driving at a constant speed

When driving, don't blindly pursue speed. You should drive at a constant speed, not faster and slower. If the traffic environment does not permit, or when the road is slippery in snowy days, you should try to avoid frequent braking and starting, which can prolong the service life of batteries and motors. It is worth mentioning that it is observed that the electric vehicle is the most energy-saving when the speed remains unchanged at medium speed.

3. Great damage caused by power loss riding

Some users do not charge until the electric patrol car is stationary, but such behavior seriously damages the battery performance. Multiple deep discharges will greatly shorten the battery life.

4. Eradicate bad habits of electricity consumption

The biggest killer of power consumption is overloading. The larger the load capacity of electric vehicles, the more power consumption, so we must make the load range of electric vehicles reasonable. The second biggest killer of power consumption is the lack of fetal air in the tires. You must fill up the air before driving, otherwise you will lose power.

In summary, the protection of batteries should not be underestimated. Reliable electric vehicle mall provides household four-wheel scooters, cargo electric vehicles, electric fire engines, electric sanitation vehicles, patrol cars, etc. you are welcome to buy or buy groups.